Sea Gal Sailing school

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Sea Gal Sailing school
Sea Gal Sailing school

Sea Gal Sailing school

Sea-Gal sailing academy was founded at 1992 and has acted as a warm and open house for hundreds of sailing fans ever since. Our professional crew, modern yachts and first class equipment has become our trade mark along the years. Hundreds skippers have graduated Sea-Gal and are keeping on sailing and cruising with us in Israel and around the world; with a devoted crew with great love to the sea and the sailors on it.


Our faculty
The teachers at Sea Gal are graduates of captain's course in the Israeli Navy; professionals' seamen's with lots of experience in teaching maritime topics. With their close guidance you will learn not only how "to pass the exams", but gain practical experience in maneuvering the yachts and be able to absorb much knowledge from their experience at sea. We at Sea Gal believe that professionalism and personal relation with each and every student are a MUST for both yours and our success.


The combined training system

The experience Sea Gal gained from thousands of students that was certified as skippers proves that only with the combination of theoretical and practical sailing you, the student, will get the right knowledge and sufficient capability to handle a yacht and pass the exams. Our unique training system relies on computerized simulations and training software in the theoretical part along with actual training at sea, with a topic for every sail. This' and this alone, will give you the opportunity to implement what you studied in class.

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