Yacht course

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Yacht course
Yacht course


Sea Gal's course is the most comprehensive and professional one in Israel and it qualifies the students for an international skipper license for vessels up to 24 meters (72 feet), after which you will be able to sail around the world by yourself


Mechanics course
In this course we will get acquainted with the yacht's systems: the engine shaft and propeller, pumps, electrical systems and more, including common malfunctions and maintenance. Theoretical and excursions including preparations before sail, locating and handling malfunctions and a visit to the boat yard.


Seamanship course
This course is the doorway into the sailing world. Here we will get acquainted with marine terminology, sail handling, mooring and anchoring, meteorology and "rules of the road" at sea. Theoretical and sailing excursions including  basic maneuvers under power, sail handling, anchoring  and sailing at night using navigational lights and lighthouses.


Electronics navigation
In this course we will get acquainted with the world of digital navigation instruments, which aid us to sail and navigate safely, such as the Radar, speed and depth log, satellite beacons, GPS and radio communication procedures. Theoretical and sailing excursions including initializing and handling of digital navigation instruments, navigating the yacht using satellites (GPS).


Chart navigation
A fascinating course in which we will study marine charts and how to use them for safe and accurate navigation. Theoretical and sailing excursions including placing a waypoint on the marine map, correcting the compass error, plotting a course and navigating it safely.


Practical course and exam
The "jewel of the crown" of the skipper's course. The course is given to 4 students with a private instructor. Throughout the course you will act as a skipper, navigate, sail, anchor and handle the yacht and the crew. The duration of the course is a whole week which allows us the focus on professional and intense preparation for the practical exam.

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