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Yacht Club
Yacht Club
Yacht Club Sailing 
joining our club opens up a door to a world of experiences and pleasures of - a world of sailors. Club members enjoy cruises sailing yacht in Israel and abroad, professional seminars and social events and sailing competitions.

 Sailing Club is first and foremost a club of friends, who eat together, drink together, and of course sail together. Sailors are with who love life and know how to enjoy them, and it is better to enjoy together.

Yacht Fleet
Our yacht fleet is very wide and allowing club members enjoy a variety range of quality cruises on modern yachts, spacious and equipped with all necessary equipment.

What Club member gets
coastal cruises among israel's shores - drop anchor and take the plunge! Scuba diving and fishing, beer and friends. Dolphin Cruises, Adventure Cruises parents and children, summer camps and more.

Sailing abroad
yacht trips in Cyprus, the Mediterranean Riviera, Caribbean, Thailand and more - Sailing beautiful places around the world. We organize everything, just come and enjoy!

Professional training
competitive sailing activities, night sailing, navigation contests, professional workshops and advanced courses  for skippers.

Social activities
parties and evenings of entertainment for friend, Business Club to expand ties, shared jeep tours, beer, good food and a lot of wind sails.

Meetings and lectures in such as health, sports, nutrition and anything else that will make your life more quality at sea and beyond.

So simply come join us

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